Saturday, June 2, 2012

Clients make Detention Center Appointments Worth It

I met a client this week in the early AM to complete paperwork for a detention/jail marriage.  We were hurriedly trying to get all of the documents filled out and signed by the inmate before the chaplain’s imposed deadline.

Going to the detention centers is not always an easy experience.  Throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the rules vary and they change often - sometimes without the awareness of the desk officers.  The procedures are even different for detention centers within the same county.  Needless to say, an official visit can be unnecessarily frustrating. 

This time around after driving over 83 miles to Adelanto Detention Center, the official visit went very smoothly.  I showed my i.d. and shortly thereafter, I was in an attorney’s booth with the inmate.  He willingly signed the Inability to Appear and marriage application.

I handed the completed documents to the client and she insisted upon taking me to lunch.  That was a pleasant surprise!!!  We ate lunch at a local Denny’s restaurant.  During lunch I was entertained with stories of her life and work experiences.  Before she retired, she was a jailer.  She was quite the interesting person and she loves cats.  She told me that she has six of them!

It was a pleasure meeting her and conducting business.  In my interactions and travels, I meet many memorable people.  They truly are the highlight of the notary profession.

Cynthia J.
The Doc Xpert