Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Permission to Travel Form for Minors

Both parents should sign a notarized consent to travel if their child is traveling internationally.  This requirement applies if you are married and leaving a spouse behind to work; grandparents taking grandchildren on vacation; same-sex couples with adopted children; a divorced parent on a trip to Europe, even a military family uniting for the holidays. 
The traveling parent or guardian should carry a notarized copy of the proper Children’s Consent Forms or Permission to Travel documentation.

These regulations apply to minors under 18 who are leaving the United States with school groups, teen tours, or friends on a vacation.

If you have sole custody, provide a copy of the relevant paperwork such as a death certificate or court order.

Specify the child’s full name and address, the names and addresses of both parents, the names, and addresses of the adults traveling with the child, the authorized destination countries and the dates of the trip.

You can download a form online or create your own.

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